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London Elektricity Data Transmission Podcast - The rollarcoaster

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The Data Transmisson podcast from Tony Coleman, AKA London Elektricity has found its way into my headphones recently and it’s a good one. Covering almost every spectrum of Drum and Bass, the top dog from the Hospital Records camp features a healthy dose from the London Elektricity album, Yikes.

The mix kicks off with the desire to ease the listener in, setting the scene for rollarcoaster ride of a journey. Tony Coleman sooths the soul with Fault Lines and Nu:Tones angelic ‘The First Time’ featuring the blessed vocals of Natalie Williams before bring in the Reso’s Drumstep steamer, ‘War Machine’.

As the mix progresses it takes a more rushing Liquid turn with a classy Bootleg of Daft Punks, ‘One More Time’. From this point the listener is treated to an onslaught of tracks from the ‘Yikes’ album, which burn up the vibes and mark the realisation of this mixes quality.

By the half way mark Tony Coleman switches the vibe for a VIP remix of his ‘Just One Second’ by Apex, brilliant. During this section we are treated some Medschool vibes from Lung with Relapse and the tunes continue to fit so well as if to blend for each other without sacrificing the big drops which had tone and depth to the overall experience.

All the tracks are solid throughout this mix with some favourite points in the mix being the fade in of Tyke’s ‘Music Makers’ and the transition into Royalstons - Cerulian Blue. The final 15 mins of this mix is well worth the wait as London Elektricity brings out the big melodic tracks and weaves layer upon layer to create an orchestral soundscape.

Download Mix

1  London Elektricity - Fault Lines

2  Sub Zero -  Brighter Days

3  Marcus Intallex - Celestial Navigation
4  Nu:Tone ft Natalie Williams- The First Time
5  Reso - War Machine
6  Trisector- Lifeforms
7  Daft Punk- One More Time D&B bootleg
8  Eric Prydz - Nitton (Sigma remix)
9  London Elektricity - Meteorites
10 London Elektricity - Yikes
11 SPY - By Your Side
12 London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex VIP Mix)
13 Netsky - Memory Lane
14 Subwave - Changes
15 Lung - Relapse
16 Sato - Dystopia
17 Mr Joseph - Danger Room
18 Tyke - Music Makers
19 Royalston - Cerulian Blue
20 Icicle ft SP MC - Dreadnaught
21 Adele - Rolling in the Deep D&B bootleg
22 London Elektricity - The Plan That Cannot Fail
23 London Elektricity - Had A Little Fight
24 Danny Byrd ft London Elektricity - Failsafe
25 Muffler - Dribble
26 Apex - Inner Space
27 London Elektricity - Invisible Worlds



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