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Blu Mar Ten - Blood Pressure (MEDIC27) mix 

With their track "Last Life In The Universe" dialing all the dials of deepness on the new ‘Blood Pressure’ Album from Med School, Blu Mar Ten been busy releasing mixes to celebrate this brilliant compilation.  This mix comes hot on the heels of their recent battle mix with Mutated Forms and seeks to create a piece from the ‘Blood Pressure’ album.  True to form the boys have created a journey that only heightens the original inspiration that this grouping of tracks generates.  Get involved!!

Download  Blood Pressure DJ Mix By Blu Mar Ten (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Med School Music



Anile & Hybrid Minds "Old Times" 
Bulb & Clarity "Her Smooth Love" 
TwoThirds & BadApple (ft. Veela) "Sense Of Being" 
Bop "Impermanence" 
Blu Mar Ten "Last Life In The Universe" 
Anile & Dakosa "Ecstasy Dub" 
Stickman "Pressure" 
Lung, Joe Syntax & eleven8 "Red Rhythm" 
Royalston "Carnivore" 
B Cloud "Going Deeper" 
Mutated Forms "Feels Like" 
Barefoot "Murmurs"

**Mixed by Blu Mar Ten**


Released by: Med School Music 
ISRC: GB-CJY-12-00121 




Blu Mar Ten and Mutated Forms mix together to celebrate Blood Pressure launch

What a welcome surprise it was to hear that Mixmag had focused their attentions on Medshool and the Blood Pressure compilation (MEDIC27), by commissioning a mix from BluMarTen and Mutated Forms.  Below you’ll find 1 hour and 15 mins of unmissable track selection from two quality outfits heralding from a broad generational range.  Download mix here - Mixmag battle

Mixmag DJ Battle: Blu Mar Ten Vs Mutated Forms by Mixmag  

BluMarTen kick off true to form, with no nonsense mixing and a key eye on the ‘Full Journey’.  The fellas offer deep sub basslines as a key theme to the piece but keep very attentive to a variation of drum patterns.   Dipping into the 90’s for the beginning BluMarTen approach the end of their portion of the mix with some highlights from the Blood Pressure album, paying homage to Mutated Forms by dropping Feels Like (MEDIC27).  There’s a seamless blend of styles and tempos during the mix of Dillinja - Silver Blade and  Urbandawn & Rotate - Blue Forest Grotto which ought to be consumed instantly.  Easier the winning portion of this mix comes at the end, where a blend mix of Blade Runner Blues by JDL and Broken Man by Commix leaves a serious hunger for more.  You can download the Blu Mar Ten section here - Blu Mar Ten mix

The Mutated forms offering is a mixed at a much quicker pace, where the boys have sought to offer a tapestry of varying sounds.  The mix focuses on the harder angle here, so be prepared to be rocked.  As always it’s nice to hear a nice variation in beats form yet another artist as this mix picks up pace and drops it also, making for a really thoughtful journey as well as a roller coaster of thrills.  I might be showing my age but it’s always a thrill to get fed Adam F Circles, even if it is the Andy C mix (which is still a tasty beast).  After much pressure from the boys it’s also a really nice feeling to have Frederic Robinson - Roadtrip blaze through the mix.

The all important track listings

Blu Mar Ten: Fighting Talk!  

"No dubplate neurosis, no attention-deficit-mixing, just joining the dots between some good tunes from 1996 to 2012. Strictly for those who want a little more from their music than just another big drop. You know who you are."  

1 - Blu Mar Ten vs London Elektricity - Above One Second (mash-up, 2011)  
2 - Physics - Dreamworld (dBridge remix) (Blindside, 2008)  
3- Nasty Habits - Liquid Fingers (31 Recs, 1999)  
4 - Dabs & Safire - Time Carrier (Dispatch, forthcoming)  
5 - Unknown  
6 - Dillinja - Silver Blade (Metalheadz, 1996)  
7 - Urbandawn & Rotate - Blue Forest Grotto (unreleased, 2012)  
8 - B Cloud - Going Deeper (Med School, 2012)  
9 - Mutated Forms - Feels Like (Med School, 2012)  
10 - Trisector - Minutes and Hours (unreleased, 2012)  
11 - JDL - Blade Runner Blues (white label, 1996)  
12 - Commix - Broken Man (Metalheadz, 2007)  
Blu Mar Ten   

MUTATED FORMS: Fighting talk!  

"Not only have we got the tunes and the skills we've also got the groove - anybody who's seen us play will know that Alex's moves make him the best. Fast-paced beats and a heavier selection will make sure we stay where we belong - on top!"  

01. Mutated Forms - Look What U Have Done  
02. Royalston - Carnivore  
03. Jaybee & Sinistarr - Should I Heavy1 Glitch Dub Remix  
04. Spinline - Contrast  
05. The Upbeats - The Proof  
06. Critycal Dub And Level 2 - Somewhere  
07. Adam F - Circles Andy C Mix  
08. Mutated Forms - Powder Demon  
09. The Upbeats - Incline  
10. Raiden & Meth - Millimallikas  
11. Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold  
12. Vicious Circle & Fierce - Section VIP  
13. DJ Vapour - The Lone Ranger  
14. Sub Zero - Clash  
15. June Miller - Walls Of Jericho  
16. Frederic Robinson - Roadtrip  
17. d:Bridge - Cornered  
18. Spinline- Life  
19. Mutated Forms feat. Rachel - Feels Like  
20. Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre - No Diggity  
21. Goldie - Inner City Life Goes To Miami Mix  
Mutated Forms

More from SBM

YouTube playlist 



Unquote Datatransmission podcast - Reflecting Deep Liquid DnB

It’s always worth keeping an ear on the long running Datatransmission podcast series as the mixes are often of a high quality and informative and the offering from Med-Schools Unquote is no exception.

Unquote is one of the lead ambassadors for the new Russian Drum and Bass sound. His vibe is encompassed in deep basslines, big orchestral synth layers and minimal beats, wrapped up with highly polished production techniques.

In this Podcast Unquote seeks to bring that style and include similar tracks from others including Blu Mar Ten, London Elektricity, D-Bridge and Kharm together. This mix represents a forum for the cold side of Drum and Bass, although the warm basslines are always welcome.

Download Unquote Podcast


01 Molecular Structures :: Here In The Dark [ABSYS]
02 Pearson Sound :: Down With You [DARKESTRAL GALAXICOS]
03 Helios :: First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix) [MEDSCHOOL]
04 Notion :: Because [PHUNKFICTION]
05 Nuage :: Don’t Hide These Feelings [INFLUENZA MINUS]
06 Blu Mar Ten :: Nobody Here [BMT]
07 Kharm :: Charade [OFFWORLD]
08 Blu Mar Ten :: Believe Me (Logarithmia remix) [BMT]
09 Mutated Forms :: Crowlin [METALHEADZ]
10 Unquote :: Cut Off The Past [MEDSCHOOL]
11 So:Flow :: Where’s Abi (Feat. Slip of A Thing) [N/A]
12 Kharm :: Embrace [N/A]
13 Tokyo Prose :: LPK Sound [SAMURAI RED SEAL]
14 Synkro :: Departure [MEDSCHOOL]
15 Dan HabarNam :: Light [SANTORIN]
16 Unquote :: Memories Fade Away (feat. Grimm) [MEDSCHOOL]
17 Mr Sizef :: Our Hearts Are Lonely When Nearby Too Many Cold People [N/A]
18 Bulb + Tiiu :: The Hardest Way [INFLUENZA MINUS]
19 London Elektricity :: Fault Lines (Unquote’s Snowy Remix) [HOSPITAL]
20 D-Bridge :: Love’s Ugly Child [SOUL:R]
21 Robert Manos :: Silver (Invader bootleg) [N/A]
22 Mr Sizef :: My Soul Lives Somewhere In Back Streets Of Night London [N/A]
23 Blu Mar Ten :: Sweet Little Supernova [BMT]
24 Unquote :: Spectacle [MEDSCHOOL]
25 Rawtekk :: Snowflakes [MEDSCHOOL]


Blu Mar Ten and InsideInfo Summer Promo mix - immersive layers and deep dark basslines

Following the announcement of their recent collaboration “Still the one”, Blu Mar Ten and InsideInfo have got together once again to provide your grey matter with 51 mins of skilfully selected Drum and Bass. This summer promo mix features to separate, distinct mixes. Blu Mar Ten opens up with some top ranking deep DnB. High immersive layers and deep rolling sub-bass lines lull the listener into a sense of serenity.

Classic tracks from Seba, Bcee, and Commix are all there, designed to lull the listener into a false sense of security before the switch is made on Commix – Bear Music and into the brilliantly crafted dark roller from Data – Sentinel. The dark business which follows this gets the listener prepared for the sounds of InsideInfo, but before its time Blu Mar Ten treats us to the sounds if 5 Summers, one not to be ignored. Blu Mar Ten & InsideInfo - Summer 2011 Promo Mix by Blu Mar Ten

The sounds of InsideInfo marks a continuation of the blend of styles on offer in this mix. Icicle – Arrows is a great start as this rolling selection kicks off. The quality names on this second half offer a great piece of ear candy. Teebee, Nosia, Dillinja and Ed Rush and Optical but on track to get into is Chook - You Are All You Have (ft Claudine Muno). To wrap it all off InsideInfo drops a tasty bootleg of Leftfield - Phat Planet. 

Blu Mar Ten 
1. Bcee - Generations 
2. Data - Muted 
3. Commix - Japanese Electronics 
4. Seba - Never Let You Go 
5. Seba - Painted Skies 
6. Quadrant - Expanse 
7. Commix - Bear Music 
8. Spirit - Juggernaut 
9. Data - Sentinel 
10. Kodo - The Jackal 
11. Variations - Lurk 
12. Break - Freak Test (See also Lenzman and Riya mix)
13. Blu Mar Ten - Five Summers (Blu Mar Ten on sub-bassmusic)

1. Icicle - Arrows 
2. Teebee - Quiet Moment 
3. Noisia & Joe Seven - Ease Fourward 
4. Dillinja - Threshold 
3. InsideInfo - Bottled 
4. Ed Rush & Optical - fixation 
5. Chook - You Are All You Have (ft Claudine Muno) 
6. Stealth and Coldfusion - Retaliation 
7. Apex - Same Old Blues 
8. Blu Mar Ten & InsideInfo - Still The One 
9. Leftfield - Phat Planet (dnb bootleg)

Blu Mar Ten

InsideInfo (soundcloud)