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Royalston - OCD

Royalstons long anticipated album is finally here.  OCD is an 18 piece journey through the  meticulous mind of this Hospital records artist.  Featuring a bounty of incendiary tracks ranging across Drum and Bass, Drumstep and Dubstep with the token laidback piece, adding texture to the album.  Warning through - if you're going for a start to finish sequential listen your dipped straight into the action. 

Perfect for the party these pieces will be shaking dance floors the world over for sure although there are some gems in there from the progressive side of drum and bass which are an absolute delight.  Personally your all going to want to purchase the moment you get to Black Cloud, which I suspect is why it's at the end of the album.

iTunes -
Hospital Shop -

01 Jungle Gone Down feat. August Storm

Totally on fire, a blistering album opener. (SBM PICK)
02 Arps Of Fury

Drumstepping beats and glitchy synth weave through this piece.
03 Steeplechase

Steeplechase is full of acid vibes, not often heard on DnB, giving a it a different playful feel, which is quickly shattered by a grinding synth line.  This track is peppered with subtle manipulation, a testament to this artists attention to detai.
04 Stalking Stones

Stalking Stones eases in with nervous tones before dropping into some voodoo antics, this one grows on you - one of our favs. Choppy and topped up with energy
05 Keys

Eases in for a while as with the previous track.  Layers on piano keys before entering into a Drumstep rythum under pinned by a delicious running synth. Excellent piece. (SBM PICK)
06 OCD

Scary to say the least all minimalistic bold and punchy at the same time. CRACK
07 Kronos

An eeire, cinematic piece with a steady beat, looking to play on the craft of build layers and driving melody - Potentially going to shock a dance floor
08 People Who Look Like You feat. Victoria

Royalston gets playful with Victoria's vocals on this sinister choppy Drumstep piece. 
09 Modular Jam

Modular Jam is minimal piece, with a deep dark bassline a absolutely addictive combination of contrasting sounds - Making it all very hard to explain.  Just look at the album art and it should visualise the soundscape for you here - Sure a blessing of a track!
10 Lunar

It's good and will go down well in the mix but there are so many other strong tracks on this album.  The highlight for this track is the break before it plunges back down into the groove, a small part but effective.
11 Get Up And Growl

Love the syncopation in rhythm here as the listener is submerged in into a stepping rhythm, pattered full of the Royalston charm.  This is a hypnotic piece and excellent manipulation of sound. (SBM PICK)
12 Shark

Minimalist percussion led piece with a superbly sketchy synth, lead line. Desperate to hear this played out! (SBM PICK)
13 Slimebanks

Strong pulses puncture this rave inspired stormer, its going to mess up some places for sure with its playful percussion breaks and sketchy synth rolls
14 Black Cloud feat. Victoria

Here it is!! The one to grab.  A jazzy vocal from Victoria dances over a dark roller bassline, with some mood manipulating key shifts this will have you seeing shadows ;-) (SBM PICK) We can see why its at the end - It's VERY hard to follow
15 When Unwanted Thoughts Take Over

Good - but at this point I've rewound to Black Cloud about three times already and nothing compares - Sorry - Send any unwanted thoughts in a jar ;-)
16 Memory Jar 

A ripping bassline dominates this piece with some erratic snyth work on the break and rumbling, punishing sub-bass line
17 Days Go On feat. Bianca Calandra

Bicanca vocals wisp through this piece, one of the more laidback of the album. 
18 Geisha Rhythm

Royalston ends the album with a deeply intelligent drum driven track.  This is yet another journey into sound contrast and manipulation as the listener is taken trough tribal and alien sounds.



sbm mixes 2013

It's the close of another year for, time to reflect back on the 33 rich soundscapes which where featured during 2013.  Here's a quick run through the mixes featured this year, hurdling the highlights in Drum and Bass, House and Garage. Looking forward to a busy 2014, rich in musical style and evolution.  

Sun and Bass

The Sardinian Drum and Bass festival really excelled itself this year, a rich variety of sounds on its Podcast series.

- An unmissable mix for Sun and Bass from A-Sides

- Chris SU drops some sweet, sweet candy for mind and foot on the Sun and Bass Podcast Series

The Magician and Le Visteur all played a part in bringing us their House and Disco sounds through their individual, unmissable podcast series.

- The Magician - Mix Tape 34 - Instant house classic

- The Magician - Going deeper but still keeping the House fires burning

- Le Visiteur - Happy days and some expert Disco selection - Le Cinquieme Mixcast

- Dip into some guilty Disco pleasures - Le Visiteur

Fanu waved the flag for Jungle this year and getting back to the grittier, organic sound within Drum and Bass.

- Fanu - Breaks 'n' Beats Podcast 4

- Fanu - Making the play - Refreshing the sound

- Broad Drum and Bass brushstrokes from Fanu - Mixmag Mixcast

Royalston and Villiem stood at the forefront of Medschools releases this year, constantly pushing the Drum and Bass sound.

- Royalston - Sound of the Rain Mix - Incredible selection for the Royalston sound

- Villems sound twisting Drum and Bass treasure box

Lenzmans partnership with MC Dan Stenzo was one to keep the liquid and soul DnB heads ears on.

- Rolling on through the decade with Lenzman and Dan Stezo - Border to Border

- Deep Drum and Bass for 2013 - Lenzman and MC Dan Stenzo

Flight Facilities launched their absolutely inspiring music through the decades series. 

- Flight Facilities reviews the decade with an Unmissable House soundscape - 2002 to 2012

- Who said anything bad about the 90's!! - Fight Facilities Hip-Hop/Breaks tribute

- Through the 80's with Flight Facilities

SBM Mixcasts launched

We launched the SBM Mixcast series with some cracking House from Rich Williamson and The Uncouth Gentleman - WHAT A START!

- sbm mixcast - Rich Wills

- sbm mixcast - The Uncouth Gentleman returns

- sbm mixcast - The Uncouth Gentleman

- sbm mixcast - StylopHone - Ramblings of a madman

Future Garage emergence

Future Garage mixes are abundant as this musical genre looks to find its true identity amongst the Ambient and Dubsteps of this world.  A handful of mixes poke through as special.  However, when coupled with House this genre really comes into its own, adding spice to the mix...

- Classy Future Garage selection from 8-bit Girl, crafted by Naza

- Deep House/Garage blending from Robosonic - Electronic Groove Podcast

- Yasmin - Lovingly blend of House, Garage and Tribal

- Future Garage from Submento

More - Future Garage


Bondax had a good year across the podcast world...

Blended Soul and House from Bondax and FADER

The many shades of Bondax - XLR8R Podcast


It was not such a great thing to lose DJ Mehdi, a rock within House

Tribute to DJ Mehdi - Mad Decent

And there was more...


- Adam Elemental - Infectmix 001 - Deep Ambient Dub and Drum and Bass

- Nu:Logic celebrate the launch of their 'What I've Always Wanted' album with a deep dive into their sound

- Kove rampages through the DnB soundscape

- Code Recordings launch mix from Bachelors of Science

- Moment of adrenaline! with DJ Original Sin

- Calyx and Teebee - Bring a classic work of mixology to the Data Transmission Podcast


- Bathe in the Deep Dubstep sound of Kito and lose yourself in the vocals of Reija


- Inspired House and Garage mix from Justin Jay 


- In the woods with Rich Wills - FARR 2013

-  Cassian mixes an honest selection, across deep and vocal House

YouTube playlist 


Frederic Robinson - Mixed Signals

Frederic Robinson received much praise for his Theme Park release, so it wasn't going to be a surprise if his Mixed Signals album was going to be an essential listen.  Packed full to the brim with orchestra sounds, enveloping layers and crafty drum work this is a journey into the mind of a classically trained, electronically enhanced hybrid mind.  Start to finish listening, no second rate pieces and rich in diversity, one of those albums you should be proud to own from the year 2013.


Frederic on Facebook

Blu Mar Ten Music

Mixes including Frederic Robinson 

1 Theme Park

Theme Park was the original first release on BluMarTen music.  With its intelligent  and frantic drum patterns and playful keys when this emerged mid 2013 the fresh nature of the sound took a lot of people by surprise as another vain of Drum and Bass apparently bloomed! - Orchestra DnB anyone! who cares...

2 The Brightest Things

Wistful  and melancholy piece, warming to the heart with some strong puncturing breaks.  Melanie Robinsons angelic vocals sway through this piece in a dreamlike manner.

3 Vamp Till Ready

An intense build-up up characterises this piece, a truly orchestral Drum and Bass ride for the age.

4 Shut

Frederic Robinsons layer building craft continues to form in Shut.  A deep bassline also underpins this piece as the ride is permeated by the playful patter of chimes, involving childlike memories.

5 Particles

Particles is a personal favourite.  Probably one of the most energetic on the album.  Layer after layer, pattern after pattern is heaped on the listener before being cut quickly and abruptly. Mood altering stuff.

6 Rain

Rain takes the tempo of the album down.  Melanie Robinson returns to the vocals weaving her voice through the soundscape, bringing forth a heavenly experience

7 Bloom

Blooms broken beat permeate a deep bassline and rising layers, words escape me... This is a phased piece where Frederic Robinson blends what could have been strong demonic beats with his rich textures to create something much more than the sum of its parts

8 Mixed Signals

Electronic and Orchestra sounds meet in unison on Mixed Signals.  Pure delight, this is what the trend to over polishing music these days should be working towards.

9 Off Topic

Seriously playful and rich in sound and scoop.  Off-Topic was the first of Frederic's Robinson releases in this style.  A bloody roller coaster ride and part of yet another new Drum and Bass sound.

10 Secret

The third and final track featuring Melanie's vocals.  Light piano keys compliment a inspiring, shuffling rhythm and plenty of classically inspired musical switches.

11 Static Float

When first hearing Static Float I was drawn in on an emotional level.  I have no idea why. It might be the Drum patterns loyalty to earlier Drum and Bass mixed with the sublime piano work all punctured with Dub inspired drops and reverb changes.  There are so many influences on this piece it just inspires.  I lied earlier - this is my best of the lot!!


Sun and Bass 10 Years selection - All the spectrum in one perfect selection order

Once a year on the isle of Sardinia, Italy, the town of San Teodoro is set upon by a tribe of people with unique mindset, you wouldn't know by the way they act the way they dress or for anything else for that matter.  The understanding between them is a firm love of the Drum and Bass Rhythm, past and present (probably the sun aswell).  This album celebrates 10 years of this unique party, capturing possibly all the vibes this rich music form has to offer and in the perfect order. 

The flow of the album kicks off with the funked up jazz sounds of Sci-clones - Away from Home and leads nicely into the deep jazz fuelled flows of Tokyo Prose - Good Bye Hands. 

Purchase here for for 6.99

Listen to album below or listen to some of the Sun and Bass podcast series > here

With that sun soaked start the deepness of Look Through Me by FD Ft. Collette Warren slides in followed by an equally sun sun vibe drenched piece by Fracture & Mark System - In The Shade (Secret Location Mix) , inspiring images of the more chilled moments at Sun and Bass.  This feeling continues with Love Again as Seba, Arp XP & Alite Ft. MC Fava collaborate to mellow the very core of the soul. Utah Jazz and A Sardinian Way continue this vibe with rich melancholy piano keys, deep basslines and transcending layers all before the vibe is brought deep with the crystal clarity of Triads - Catharsis. 

Mid way through theres a switch of agenda as Klute turns on some rushing pace rhythm and deep bass stabbing with 'In The Head'. Nymfo & Chris.Su then collaborate on Repression another dark journey, peppered with eerie keys and a grimacing bassline.  Following this it's Dom and Rolands turn to take us into the night with Merkling before Skepticals - Rain breaks up the pace, mellows and gets experimental for an intro to yet another side to Drum and Bass, always welcome. Ulterior Motive follows on nicely with a intelligent Drum and Bass journey with Fragola Invisible, dark and brooding and following on nicely into the deep sub-bass sound of Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes - Get Your Music Heard.  With the dark intelligent pieces out the way the album launches to the immerse layers and liquid basslines of dBridge - Breakfast Club (very unlike his normal sound but fresh to here). 

The final two tracks take it down into a smooth groove.  Whether it be the chilled to the core jazz bass of  Code 3 - G-String or the wonderfully entrancing piano keys and vocal snips of Zero T - Eight Daze these two round off the album perfectly.  This has to be one of the greatest order selections for a long time.

Sci-Clone - Away From Home

Tokyo Prose - Good Bye Hands

FD Ft. Collette Warren - Look Through Me

Fracture & Mark System - In The Shade (Secret Location Mix)

Seba, Arp XP & Alite Ft. MC Fava - Love Again

Utah Jazz - A Sardinian Way

Triad - Catharsis

Klute - In The Head

Nymfo & Chris.Su - Repression

Dom & Roland - Merkling

Skeptical - Rain

Ulterior Motive - Fragola Invisible

Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes - Get Your Music Heard

dBridge - Breakfast Club

Code 3-G-String

Zero T- Eight Daze


Horizons - Lashings of Hip Hop beat experimentalism from Pragmatic Theory recordings

Now I know there are alot of people out there making music but 39 producers getting together for a free album release is nuts and its all thank to Pragmatic Theory.  The tags explain it all here this is journey into hiphop/rap soul, beats, experimental instrumentalism. Its a mammoth listen! Download

But if you can get your ears on any of the tracks its these 10...

B. Lewis - So Close 03:23 

Angelic vocals and light layers build up to broken beat crescendo of rich synth with plenty of tasty vocal pitch shifting

Prozak Morris - Phuk Phace 05:26

Prozak Morris has put together a deep bass fuelled soundscape splattered with glitch    inspired strokes and undulating, transforming layers.

Sir Froderick - Lovemuscle 03:29 

Ultra chilled with lazy beats and jazz overtones journey into sound experimentalism

Dailon - Back2Feeln 03:32

A deep dub with some sweet vocal sampling and rich layering.  A great build and worth a listen

Blap Deli - Farming, w/ Courtney Harkins 03:04

Pleasantly rough sounds on this one.  Kicks of acoustically before launching into an          inspiringly funked up melancholy vibe

Bugseed - Stansmood 02:15

A great beat and sweet laid back jazz melody!

Question - Easy 03:28

Such a deep and easy bassline this has to get a mention.  Nice beat and progression aswel too.

Rhythum - for the love 01:37

Something about that vocal.  A sweet broken up off kilter beat and some slightly nerves stings

Ben Bada Boom - Turn Me Up 02:39

Funky and challenging with a 80's alien movie layer coupled with some ambitious pitch shifting and mood switching gives means that Ben Bada Boom manages to paint a story with chapters only in 2:39 mins

Haan808 - Past TimeLines 03:51

A nice end to the album.  Engouge yourself on layer after layer as your underpinned by a deep hum of a bassline.

Download and tracklisting here >>>

Here's a the soundcloud set list and the rest of the tracks

YouTube playlist