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Kimyan Law - Coeur Calme

The sheer beauty of sound on Kimyan Laws debut album is to be mentioned from the outset.  There exists a brilliantly formularised contrast between organic percussion and metal or xylophone melody throughout, taking a threating or embracing poise and immersing the listener.  All tracks are powerful, hitting varied genres from Drum and Bass to Future Garage and Dub.  Also present is a strong element of storytelling through sound, providing the listener with a secret sense of ownership. SBM shouts – ‘Copperclock’ and ‘We Are Fish’

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Mortal Life (Feat mm oo)

Kimyan Law makes use of wood percussion and contrasts them with metal xylophone type tones, which brings this listener back to his childhood, memories of an old windup music box I had as a child constantly spike my melancholy throughout this track.  As the album persists through it becomes clear this is a theme, regardless Mortal Life introduces these sounds perfectly and sets the mood up for the album perfectly

Here's an Album Sampler


Eclairage was the the b-side of Kimyan Laws debut, Run Ames.  A steady piece with a slightly cold and threating aspect about it.  This feeling is mostly brought on by the relentless clip clopping of Kimyans percussive style.  The metal work which dances back and forth through what feels like a boundary, perhaps through a forest adds a sense of enchantment.

We are Fish (Kimyan Law Remix)

Dark, brooding featuring a puzzling metaphorical lyricism which weaves over the enchanted melody.  In essence though the patterns for melody on this track are often heard within Drum and Bass.  What has elevated it as one of the best on the album is Kimyans wonderful selection of sound and instrument. Brilliant.  Should you ever of heard of an American singer called Joanna Newson this will remind you of her and almost certainly take you over, phew.


Kimyan Law takes wooden percussion to a purist level on Daimyo.  Scatterings of orchestral strings play a warming role before the listener is dropped right back down again the thick pine jungle;-p


Embers features cracking static and distant chimes underpinned by a deeper than deep but ever so steady bassline.  Kimyan plays around with an far eastern sound whilst entering in with some classic vocal pitch shifting.  This is probably as close to Future Garage as the album gets but its clear form this point Kimyan Law has got the versatility locked down

Run Aimes

The title track from Kimyan Laws debut on BluMarTen Music.  Ice cold snares are underpinned by an earthly acoustic bass.   Tickled strings shining throughout whilst Robert Manos adds his voice to this piece with subtle whispers and menacing poetry play – ‘Flowers or Bullets?


Vita features a musical box melody throughout, which dances playfully over a wonderfully crafted half beat drum and bass rhythm. Melancholy and playful.


Kimyan Law returns to the darker slightly more aggressive (punchy) side of his craft on Umbra.  The tribal nature of the drum work switches in a pacy manner.  Getting lost in this woods is physically rewarding here.


Musical story telling at its best.  Kimyan Laws use of percussion to represent the clock throughout the piece and to turn that into something to physically dance to yet still hear every story telling transition makes this a piece to come back to.


Kimyan Law goes in with some Deep, minimal Drum and Bass on Blur.  Far Eastern strings are plucked and a tinkering piano dances over strong reverberating kick drums all creating a sense of mystery

Cherry Lane (For Sarah Taisha)

Scaling back the tempo again Cherry Lane is perhaps the closest the album gets to Dubstep.  Cherry Lane is packed full of percussive variations and textures and a hint of the Cinematic Orchestra sound. A thoughtful piece.


Solange is Kimyans shout out to Dub.  A laidback bassline rolls under some playful percussion and chimes.  A cracking end to the project.


Kimyan Law - Run Ames (feat. Robert Manos)

There’s a building anticipation for Kimyan Law’s up and coming Long Play for sure.  We’ve been teased by his remix of Blu Mar Ten – ‘Half the Sky’ and now he comes out with his debut Run Ames (feat. Robert Manos)

Ice cold snares are underpinned by an earthly acoustic bass.   Tickled strings shining throughout whilst Robert Manos adds his voice to this downlow piece with subtle whispers and menacing poetry play – ‘Flowers or Bullets?’.

Half the Sky remix can be found here



Famous Lost Words Remixes Part 3 - Nuage, Ulterior Motive and Kimyan Law

Ulterior Motive, Nuage and new BluMarTen Music new comer Kimyan Law are on remixing duties for the third installment of the BluMarTen, Famous Lost words remix collection.  This definately one to get your ears on if your fond of the Ulterior Motive touch and the emergance of Kimyan Law as a devlopment of the BluMarTen Music labels own brand of sound is a story to be part of. Purchase.

BluMarTen – In Your Eyes (Ulterior Motive Remix)

Ulterior Motive  takes to remix duties for In Your Eyes, essentially working some deep dark witchcraft on it.  Bringing it right down tempo, applying a toxic, ripping bassline and some tasty quick chop Amen style hits.  This would teach a dance floor a thing or two mid-madness.

BluMarTen – Half the Sky (Kimyan Law Remix)

BluMarTen haven’t been short of praise for their new signing so I’m going into this with high hopes.  This remix doesn’t disappoint, so I’ll be straight out for the buys new releases then!.  Peppered with a Xylophone sound, very refreshing, and what feels like a fresh bassline sound (magic) half the Sky has a dark magic quality about it.  Like with Frederic Robinson before him, this listener is very happy.  What a cheeky ending ;-)

BluMaTen – Famous Lost Words (Nuage remix)

Nuage takes what was essentially a much laid back track beefs it up a bit, yet manages to create an even more laidback vibe.  This’ll have you wrapped up in an aural ball of warmth for the winter.


Famous Lost Words Remixes Part 2 - Kid Drama, Anile and Conduct

Part two of the BluMarTen Famous Lost Words Remix series features three workings from Kid Drama, Anile and Conduct.  Some rich textures in here, aswell as a few surprises. Purchase

BluMarTen - Thin Air (Kid Drama Remix)

For those that know the original Thin Air is a wonderfully layered piece with a sublime vocal.  Kid Drama's take stays true to the layers and breaks the beats up, whilst weaving some tempo trickery over the original vocals.  The outcome is almost a different track entirely, proving some excellent remix skills.  Despite this the true message of Thin Air remains as Kid Drama escalates the encompassing layers and bassline throughout.  This is a submissive experience. 

BluMarTen – Remembered Her Wrong (Anile remix)

Anile takes the reins for Remembered Her Wrong, another fine matchup.  Anile grabs hold of the essential parts and sounds for what was originally quite a dark piece and lifts it up slightly, underpinning it all with a deliciously deep bassline which takes more of a centre stage as the track moves through, culminating in a what almost feels rolling, bound to have you swaying wherever you are .

BluMarTen – Hunter (Conduct Remix)

Help! I can’t remember the original, Conduct has changed how I remember it.  This track features some of the original bad arseness of Hunter but is full of serene layers hits and a moreish sub-bass line, yum.  Despite this there’s a special edge to this remix, which never quite makes you feel safe.



Famous Lost Words Remixes Part 1 - Break and Frederic Robinson

The first part of the Blu Mar Ten, Famous Lost Words Remix series pays homage to the voice of Agne Genyte.  The gates open to two respected producers bringing two very differing flavours to the table. Purchase

BluMarTen - Break IT All Apart (feat Agne Genyte) Break Remix

Break opens up on this Remix series with his take on Break IT All Apart.  A deep twisted basslines rides under a rushing beat line as the sky high layers and blessing ethereal vocals of Agne Genyte offer a dream like quality.  This is one of those pieces that fits anywhere.  Guaranteed to stir emotions.  Break has also blessed an extra dimension to his bassline in the second part, ushering in the need for double plays ;-)

BluMarTen Somewhere (feat Agne Genyte) - Frederic Robinson

Anything Frederic Robinson puts his brain to is worth a listen but to have the chilled out vibes of Somewhere given the works is a blessing.  This remix strips it back and half times the original, chilling it to the core.  Throughout Frederic builds the atmospherics up, true to fashion, edging on a crescendo before bringing it down again.  This is 5 star remixing.