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Frederic Robinson - Mixed Signals

Frederic Robinson received much praise for his Theme Park release, so it wasn't going to be a surprise if his Mixed Signals album was going to be an essential listen.  Packed full to the brim with orchestra sounds, enveloping layers and crafty drum work this is a journey into the mind of a classically trained, electronically enhanced hybrid mind.  Start to finish listening, no second rate pieces and rich in diversity, one of those albums you should be proud to own from the year 2013.


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Blu Mar Ten Music

Mixes including Frederic Robinson 

1 Theme Park

Theme Park was the original first release on BluMarTen music.  With its intelligent  and frantic drum patterns and playful keys when this emerged mid 2013 the fresh nature of the sound took a lot of people by surprise as another vain of Drum and Bass apparently bloomed! - Orchestra DnB anyone! who cares...

2 The Brightest Things

Wistful  and melancholy piece, warming to the heart with some strong puncturing breaks.  Melanie Robinsons angelic vocals sway through this piece in a dreamlike manner.

3 Vamp Till Ready

An intense build-up up characterises this piece, a truly orchestral Drum and Bass ride for the age.

4 Shut

Frederic Robinsons layer building craft continues to form in Shut.  A deep bassline also underpins this piece as the ride is permeated by the playful patter of chimes, involving childlike memories.

5 Particles

Particles is a personal favourite.  Probably one of the most energetic on the album.  Layer after layer, pattern after pattern is heaped on the listener before being cut quickly and abruptly. Mood altering stuff.

6 Rain

Rain takes the tempo of the album down.  Melanie Robinson returns to the vocals weaving her voice through the soundscape, bringing forth a heavenly experience

7 Bloom

Blooms broken beat permeate a deep bassline and rising layers, words escape me... This is a phased piece where Frederic Robinson blends what could have been strong demonic beats with his rich textures to create something much more than the sum of its parts

8 Mixed Signals

Electronic and Orchestra sounds meet in unison on Mixed Signals.  Pure delight, this is what the trend to over polishing music these days should be working towards.

9 Off Topic

Seriously playful and rich in sound and scoop.  Off-Topic was the first of Frederic's Robinson releases in this style.  A bloody roller coaster ride and part of yet another new Drum and Bass sound.

10 Secret

The third and final track featuring Melanie's vocals.  Light piano keys compliment a inspiring, shuffling rhythm and plenty of classically inspired musical switches.

11 Static Float

When first hearing Static Float I was drawn in on an emotional level.  I have no idea why. It might be the Drum patterns loyalty to earlier Drum and Bass mixed with the sublime piano work all punctured with Dub inspired drops and reverb changes.  There are so many influences on this piece it just inspires.  I lied earlier - this is my best of the lot!!


Fanu - Departure (LP) 

Fanu launches his assault on the world of breakbeat with his new album Departure, a thorough journey into Jungle and Drum and Bass drum pattern progressions. 

Overtones are as diverse as you'd expect from Jungle and Drum and Bass with tracks taking inspiration from Jazz and world music.  Whatever the listeners preference there'll be something to take the mind on a rhythmically hypnotic journey.

Buy - Fanu - Departure

Fanu launches into his beats manifesto in strong style, treating ears with some classic drum movements, laced with memory invoking Jazz overtones.  Drumsö Fuzz is a wonderfully hypontic piece perfect for any moment, fast and slow, chilled and energetic

Street Sermon (5:18) 

Taking us down the route of serious cross drum pattern trickery Fanu keeps the Jazz favours rolling but takes it lower on Street Sermon.  A powerful bassline kicks in on the break making this one to shake the floor with.

Hop and Bass (3:52) 

After the first few seconds the funky vibes of Hop and Bass become apparent all coupled up with a sub rolling bassline there are overtones of old school Aphrodite all over this track, very nice to here.

Ranch Dance (4:59) 

Fanu mixes up the tempo on Rauch Dance, choosing a 120 bpm and sticking to the signature raw drum sounds but ditches the Jazz for some eastern inspired vocals.  It's worth staying locked in on Ranch Dance through, as Fanu chops in some experimental drum work of his own

Too Blessed to Be Stressed (6:04) 

From the outset Too Blessed to Be Stressed feels like the most accessible piece to all the DnB regulars.  Despite this Fanu has more instore for the ears as the gradual progression of Too Blessed to be Stressed quickly reveals its glitch nature, let the drums free my boy!!

Holograms (4:44) 

Holograms is a dark hypnotic piece, peppered with tribal percussion and vocal structures.  Fanu underpins all with a low relentless bassline. 

Waxcavation (5:22) 

Fanu continues to display his skill at beat development and escalation on Waxcavation.  A journey through a myriad of drum and patterns, jazz overtones and deep down bass stabs.  All in all a technical delight to the drum and bass tuned ear.

The Unconscious (4:56) 

Possibly best described as a dark, frantic journey into Fanus very soul.  Hypnotic and menacing stuff.

Dirt (5:22) 

Dirt invokes some real good memories from the days of early Moving Shadow.  A serious piece, tainted with darkness, piecing open snares and a what only could be described as a remorseless bass line

Like This Girl I Once Knew (2:58) 

Fanu takes a break from all the darkness on 'Like This Girl I Once Knew', to provide a wistful funk fuelled break.

Pääteasema (3:33)

Fanu closes the album off with Pääteasema an airy break beat number, awash with high layers.  Still until the very end Fanu seeks to mix up the rhythmatic with some interesting beatetudenal blending. 

Beatetudenal blending = To use un expected rhythm percussion in the same setting (haha - kidding)

More from Fanu


SBM Shouts - Face Melters and Bass Rollers

As usual there’s a nice variation of genres on this week shouts, although for the Dubstep listeners there’s a healthy dose of face meltage in store.

Kicking off with a teaser from the Section 8 Recordings new release the ‘ Split Mind EP’, Split Mind by iBenji is an engineered bass synth assault filled to the brim with massive relentless stabs – canned energy this one. It’s definitely worth getting an ear full of the rest of this dance floor E.P. as pieces from Oceania, Saint Rider and Tim Ismag all bring a rib busting offering to the plate.

iBenji - Split Mind CLIP by Section 8 Recordings

Bringing up the pace and switching the mood is Lucas with the pacy house/breaks blend Prophecy. This piece features some classic sounds and a real nice sub-bass, keeping the track locked down. There’s something about this piece that means it keeps it aggression aswell as maintains a deep progressive feel.

Lucas-Prophecy.mp3 by ParanoidRecordings

Time to lighten the soundscape. Shifting from Zyblot rolls in with bells and a thick warm layer before unleashing a rushing Drum and Bass line and some reverse keys all underpinned by deeply anchored bassline. Zyblot is one of those liquid Drum and Bass producers to keep an eye on.

Shifting [Download Link Inside!] by Zyblot

Now time for another gift from the boys and girls at Unjustified records. Slake from Devnik is essentially a Dubstep stomper of the face melting variety. However, as with most Unjustified records tracks it focuses on variation within the piece, which makes for a nice mid-section. Another feature of an Unjustified Record (not taking themselves too seriously) is brought out in other ways. Toilet humour anyone?

Unj005 Devnik & Nicksn - Slake by unjustifiedrecords


Subfrequency Shouts - The tamed the untamed and the strange 

There haven't been any shouts for a while so finally here's a run down of tracks to get your ears on.

Kicking off with some Nu-Disco / House moods is the Clancy re-edit of Alec Carlssons 'Royal Lives'. Clancy goes for the big build on this one with a huge synth bass launching into a big stepping beat line and full layers rising and falling throughout.



Sticking with the House vibes for now and introducing the remix stylings of Enis.  This rework of Empire of the Suns - Walking on a Dream pays homedge to the orginal and refreshed with the loving workmanship of the man behind the 'Our Fathers Legacy' series. 


 Bluemotions delivers a tongue check piece of Drum and Bass full of deep mechanical vibes, with 'Robots like to have sex'.  


Now we take a visit into the realms of the strange with a new piece from Zabbo. This breaks number kicks off with a dramatic intro before resting into a minimal Dub styled breakbeat blend. Untamed, borders on the strange and challenging style as Zabbo focuses on sampling and effects, taking the listener on a varied journey to the other side. Packed full of different sounds this track achieves its namesake wonderfully.

Finally, its time for something from the Exit Records camp and if your wondering what all the images are about then now your questions are answered. A journey into the strange that will grab you for reasons your not quite sure of. A brilliantly crafted journey in to sound experimentation with an even stranger must vid This has to sampled, its a dark dark place.

Track links...

Alec Carlsson - Royal Lives (Clancy Re-Edit) by Clancymusic

Blue Motion - Robots Like Sex by bluemotionfree

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Enis "Pink Footpath" Edit) by Enis (Official)

Zabbo - untamed by zabbo

Sin Skin II - The Binary Collective - XXX001 - 1 by Exit Records UK